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Vinyl Decal Tutorial

Thank you for purchasing a vinyl decal. We hope you love them as much as we do. We created these decals for customers who would like to periodically change up their space. They are a fun way to add something new in any area of the home. Scroll down to see some of our designs and custom designs are also available. Use them on a backsplash, mirror or wherever your imagination takes you. Watch the tutorial below to make sure […]

Subway Styles

Over 100 years ago, in 1904, the subway tile was placed on the walls of the very first New York City subway station. They were quickly recreated in homes around the world and we still see them today in the same 3”x6” rectangle that was placed on those walls. Subway tiles have proven to be a classic feature that we will see for many years to come. Many companies today have put their own spin on the classic subway tile. […]

Design Spotlight – March

Welcome back to another edition of Design Spotlight. We know that there are so many aspects going into designing your home so we love to highlight different styles to help you envision your space.   Goodbye to the cold and snow; and Hello to the warmth and sunshine of Spring! We want to bring that refreshing feeling of Spring into your home to enjoy even during the cold winter months. Thats why our Design Spotlight for the month is helping […]

Design Spotlight – January

Being in the business of Home Design, we see many trends going in and out of style. Each season has its own colours, shapes, and feel. However, no matter what the trend, the one thing that will always be in style is designing a warm, inviting, and clean atmosphere. If you put all of those elements together you get our Design Spotlight for this month; the Industrial Farmhouse.   The industrial farmhouse is a modern approach to cabin-inspired interior design. […]

Selling your home?

Thinking of your homes resale value or in need of a quick sale? Homes with wood floors usually sell faster and for a higher selling price. Some home flooring pros believe hardwood will bring back 2+ times its cost when you sell, making for a great investment! Look though our Products page for some inspiration or visit us on Facebook: